Welcome to my new blog !

Some of you already know that recently I made my first quilt pattern and start new journey as a pattern designer. My passion for quilt is growing and I’d love to share more with people who love to quilt, craft and handmade!

I’ve been setting up Etsy shop, blog, Pinterest and Twitter account. It took a a lot of time for me to do and I’m still updating my sites when I have time. So things are moving little slow. Please check them out if you are interested in. (Click the icons below.)

Currently I’m enjoying making blocks from The splendid sampler 2 . It’s inspiring to try out new patterns from different designers. And 1 block per week is a good pace for me!



Also I got an opportunity to make two quilts for sale. One OLD GLORY quilt and one Japanese flag quilt. I have some ideas to make Japanese version already and hope that works. So it’s going to be very interesting and exciting to start! Meanwhile, I’m working on next quilt pattern which is not doing well so far. My idea just didn’t work. I really make it work and hopefully I can show you soon!

Thank you so much for reading my first blog post. It was more like my introduction this time. I will share a story about my pattern and more in the future!

Happy quilting!


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