Hello, friends!

As I posted on Instagram and sent out newsletter, MILKY WAY pattern has released last weekend!

My inspiration for this pattern was beautiful milky way in the night sky. I thought it would be fun to make this pattern with a lot of colors. These colors really pop with the dark background!

Skill level for this pattern is advanced beginner and it’s FQ and 1/4 yard friendly. This pattern is more traditional look than I usually make. But I added modern spin into it.

It might look a little complicated to arrange the colors but all you need is selecting the fabrics or colors according to fabric requirements, cut and mixed them up! You don’t need to think what you are going to use for each block. Just pick what you love and you are ready to go!

I used Kona Cotton Solid from Robert Kaufman Fabrics for the cover quilt and the colors I used for this one are…

Pickle, Lemon, Caramel, Salmon, Dusty peach, Ash, Fog, Aloha, Lingerie, Oasis, Bahama blue and Sky. The outline for the star is Kona white.

For the background, I used THATCHED by Robin Pickens for MODA. It’s very beautiful navy!

The block finishes at 16″x 16″. It’s large block and you can have a lot of fun with it! There is no complication of sewing the block but it might be tricky for some of you to sew three-piece triangle square. I shared easy way to trim in previous post. —> click here THREE-PIECE TRIANGLE SQUARE I hope it will be helpful for you.

This pattern includes four sizes. Small throw 48″x 64″, large throw (16 blocks) 64″x 64″, large throw (20 blocks) 64″x 80″ and bed size 96″x 96″. The quilt on the cover shows small throw.

And it also includes two versions.

This is scrap background version which is another way to enjoy this pattern. This version is also FQ and 1/4 yard friendly.

To shop MILKY WAY pattern —> Click here

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I hope you enjoy making this pattern and your MILKY WAY quilt will keep you warm on a starry night!

Happy quilting!

Three-piece triangle square


I have a new pattern coming soon. Before release the pattern, I’d like to show you the easy way to trim using useful tools! It might make sense for you if you had the instructions though… But I hope you get the idea!

So you make a half square triangle (HST) first. (I will not explain how to make HST here since it’s mentioned in my pattern) Draw a diagonal line on the wrong side of a piece of square.

With the right side together, layer the marked square onto HST. Make sure that marked line and HST pieced line are crossed. Sew two seams, each ¼” away from the marked line.

The other side looks as shown in the photo above.

Cut on the marked line.

Trim the three-piece triangle square using the ruler. I used Clearly Perfect Slotted Trimmers by New Leaf Stitches ruler. I want to make 3-1/2″ square (unfinished), so I aligned 3-1/2″ dash line of the ruler onto the stitched line.

If you don’t have this ruler, DON’T WORRY! I will show you how to use the regular quilting ruler to trim the three-piece triangle square!

Before showing that, here is the three-piece triangle square after trimmed.

Okay, now I will show you an alternative way . You need the quilting ruler with 45 degree line and the masking tape. (painter’s tapes work as well) I used 6-1/2″ square ruler.

Place the masking tape on the ruler. Again I want to make 3-1/2″ square (unfinished), so I placed the edge of masking tape from 3-1/2″ mark to other 3-1/2″ mark on the ruler as shown in the photo above.

Close up. The tape is meeting 3-1/2″ on both sides.

Place the ruler onto the triangle. Align the edge of the masking tape (3-1/2″ side) onto the stitched line as shown in the photo above.

Close up. Both tape and stitched line are meeting 3-1/2″ on the ruler.

Trim the block and cut the dog ears.

You can trim any size of the three-piece triangle squares easily with the regular quilting ruler! You just need the masking or painter’s tape.

I hope it’s helpful for you!

Happy Quilting!


Hi, my quilting friends!

I’m so excited to release this fun summer quilt pattern!!

I got an inspiration from the long beach island, New Jersey that we go every summer. The wave, white sand, the colorful umbrellas and beach towels. I wanted to express the fun, enjoyable, relaxing and peaceful time we had on the beach.

This pattern includes three sizes ( crib, small throw and large throw ), and the step by step instructions with a lot of diagrams.

Each block is quite simple to make. But you need to know the basic method of curved piecing to make the wave. For the umbrellas blocks, there are angles to trim. You don’t need to paper piece for that! You can just trim according to the instructions but also you can use the templates. The pattern includes the templates. I made the tutorials have to use the templates and you will have the access to the link once you purchase the pattern. It will save your work time. I love the useful tools!

I used Kona Cotton Solids from Robertkaufman fabrics for this large throw . It was fun to use these bright summer colors.

This version is small throw size using Ruby Star Society fabrics. This pattern works well with the bright prints too!

Also I added the cutting table for the scrappy version. So you can make any sizes from your scrap bin.

To celebrate, the new pattern release and Forth of July weekend, all the patterns in my Etsy shop is 30% OFF!!! No coupon code needed! This is the biggest sale, so no waiting!!!

The sale ends July 8th, 2020. (US EST)


Happy Summer!



It sounds crazy that I’m releasing another new pattern so soon!

I’m grateful that I had time to create this pattern in such a difficult time. It has been helpful to keep me calm and distracted from things happening in the world.

April showers bring May flowers.

My younger son told me when he saw me working on this quilt. I thought about “HOPE”. I felt like this poem reflects what’s happening in our world right now. Hopefully we can see the flowers someday soon!

Please let me introduce my new pattern RAINBOW SHOWER !!!

I got an inspiration from the rainbow and mist after heavy rain. The sun and blue sky are coming out from the cloud, you feel mist in the air and it reflects the rainbow colors. The images were in my mind but there was no way I could make MIST so I made the drops instead. I’m so excited how this one turned out!!!

This pattern includes three sizes (baby, small throw, large throw), the printable templates and a coloring page. This one is small throw and finishes at 42″x 60″. I used the solid fabrics from Kona Cotton Solid by Robert Kaufman.

Here is the color list that I used for the cover quilt.

This pattern is for advanced beginner. It’s simple curved piecing design but each quarter circle is a bit small to handle. Click here for a tip to piece small curves.

I did straight line quilting. Again I used masking tape instead of marking the lines. It’s my Go To Method officially! It’s just so easy for me to do and love the result!

It’s not only easy to do, also prevent the quilt top to stretch and the backing/ batting to shrink as I machine quilt. I used 1″ width masking tape for this but the painter’s tapes work well too.

Grid quilting for baby quilt. It’s 1.8″ apart… I know it’s strange but the painter’s tape that I had was 1.8″ width… It doesn’t matter! It gave nice texture to this quilt and I love it!

RAINBOW SHOWER digital pattern is now on Etsy shop! Use coupon code “RAINBOW20” to get 20% off on all my quilt patterns! Sale ends 5/3/2020. (US EST)


Stay safe and healthy!

AND enjoy sewing!



I’m so excited to share my first foundation paper piecing pattern!

As I mentioned in newsletter, I didn’t plan to make this pattern. But it came into my mind during spring break. And I had so much fun making these blocks!

This pattern comes with three sizes which are 4″x 4″, 6″x 6″ and 8″x 8″ finished blocks. But it doesn’t include instructions nor teach you how to paper piece. You need to have basic knowledge of paper piecing but if you’ve done some before, then I think you will be just fine. It will be quite simple.

Foundation paper piecing is another great way to use your scraps! I have many small pieces that I couldn’t get rid of but I could use some of them for this project. It’s nice to see the poor looking scraps turned into something pretty!!

I used one fabric for the cup instead of two. So the foundation paper is for using two colors for the cup but it’s easy to change like this.

GRAB N’ GO pattern is on my Etsy shop now. It’s 20% off until 4/30/2020. (US EST) No coupon code needed. Hope you enjoy the sale AND making this pattern!

Shop GRAB N’ GO pattern

Happy sewing!


Hello, everyone!

My first blog update in 2020!

One of the goals that I have for this year is that I would love to publish newsletters. So that’s I have been working on lately. And It’s ready for you to subscribe! Yay! I’m hoping to share more about latest info, tips of some of my patterns and free patterns through newsletters.

I prepared some good stuff for my subscribers! You will get 25% off coupon code to all my digital patterns through 3/31/2020. The coupon code is valid until 3/31/2020. (US EST)

And also you will get the free pattern! Meet BOTANICAL GARDEN quilt!!!

It’s 56″x 56″ finished. The pattern includes material requirements, step by step instructions with diagrams, and coloring page.

I used kona cotton solid by Robertkaufman for the top and Essex Yarn Dyed Classic Natural Woven (edited: Sorry! NOT linen) for the backing. Actually it’s not easy to find a perfect backing for me. Because I chose that colors and fabrics that I love first, then decided what to use for the back after. This time was a bit tough to find one so I picked neutral color + texture . This one worked great and I love it!!!

Can you believe that you only need a half day to make the quilt top!? If you are quick sewer, then probably you need just a couple of hours!

Sign up here and take advantage of it!!!



Today is the release day of A LITTLE BREAK -TINY MUG- pattern!



I’m pretty excited about this mini version! I’ve been thinking that this mug block is too cute that we can’t just use for making large quilts. The smaller blocks give you more opportunities to make different items.




I’m not the maker who can make all kids of handmade items. But I made these coasters and a potholder from 6″x 6″ blocks. Also mini placemats from 8″x 8″ blocks.



I used Amy Sinibaldi’s pretty little potholder tutorial. It’s a great tutorials that I could make!!! I was excited about the finished!




These coasters are very simple. I just made the blocks, quilted, trim the corners, made bias binding and bind. 6″x 6″ coasters might be big for you but I like this size because I use the big Starbucks mugs all the time.



I love these mini placemats! I used 8″x 8″ blocks and added the 2.5″x 8.5″ rectangle to the right side of the block. For the pink placemat, I randomly pieced the scraps trimmed to 2.5″x 8.5″ rectangle. The finished size is 8″x 10″ and you need one 2.5″x With of Fabric strip for the binding.




It’s such a fun to make and hope you enjoy these tiny mug blocks!!!


Please click here to purchase my pattern!

Etsy shop—> A LITTLE BREAK-TINY MUG- pattern



I’m pleased to introduce my new pattern called A LITTLE BREAK!!!




I got an inspiration from a mug with a little heart which my kids use during the winter to drink hot cocoa! So I turned it into a big coffee mug since I’m a coffee lover! It’s such a joy to make these cute mug blocks!!!




This pattern is quick to make and very easy. I put a lot of diagrams and the step by step instruction. Hopefully it helps your process easier!





I’m also making different version. I love pink background and black heart!





This pattern comes with three sizes which is crib, small throw and large throw size.

Crib 46”x 46”
Throw (Small) 46”x 60”
Throw (Large) 60”x 74”





You can find this new pattern on my Esty shop. Please click here—>A LITTLE BREAK PATTERN




Hope you enjoy making these cute mugs!

Happy quilting!



Whoopie Pies Quilt

Good morning!

It has been a long time since I updated my blog last time! Time flies! But I feel like things calm down a little, so I will keep up!

I recently finished Whoopie Pie quilt which is my 2nd pattern! I’m so excited! I’m doing final check of the pattern now and hoping to release it soon. But I’m going to do a giveaway on Instagram before releasing! If you are not following me on IG, please scroll down and click the IG mark. You will go to my IG account.



I’ve been working on this project for a while. Originally I wanted to make french macaroon quilt. But I couldn’t make nice yummy shape! I tried different blocks, using paper piecing, curved piecing and applique. None of them worked! And at the end my older son told me ” Mommy! You made HAMBURGERS very well!” …. I couldn’t say anything. I just felt like I failed… My husband liked that he called that though. lol



I put this project aside and decided to take a moment. One day kids and I went to the grocery store and I sew Whoopie pie at the bakery section. “That’s it!” My block is closer to Whoopie Pie than macaroon. I was so excited and worked on the design again. And finally I could make the shape I like!

The shape was decided and the next was the colors. I used different fabrics for each block. My image was lovely french macaroons. I couldn’t get rid of the pretty colors from my mind! Whoopie Pies can be pretty too, don’t you think?

And for the cream, I used black dots on white fabric. I tried white solid first and it was okay but didn’t look good as black dots on white fabric.

At the point I was so happy to see the block comes together nicely. The hardest thing to decide was the background color. If you know me, I usually don’t use solid colors for the background but only white and light grey. I needed a color to make those pie blocks to show. I started to look for the solids and I loved mint for this pattern.

How to assemble was the next. I wanted them to look like stacked. So I made stacked pies and put the sashing between the columns. And added the borders. But it looked a little boring to me. So I added the drunkard’s path block to the corners. I thought the curved block will look nice in this pattern.



I used so many colors that I couldn’t decide what kind of fabric would go for the backing. When I was in Lancaster Pennsylvania, I found this pretty fabric from Camelot fabrics. I just loved it!



Talk about the batting. I used Hobbs batting 80/20. It’s one of my favorite batting. I love to use it because the weight is light and I can get nice texture after the quilting!

I did free motion quilting on my sewing machine. It took a lot of time! Especially pebbles! I can’t show you too closely though. I’m not good at it at all! But I wanted to try and thought it would look nice from distance! lol

I hope you like my Whoopie Pie pattern as much as I do! It’s fun project!

Thank you for reading.

Happy quilting!