A LITTLE BREAK _ Revised on 1/7/2020

Page 1 _ Cutting instructions for Crib size _ 2 Strips: Cross cut into (6)2 ½”x 12 ½”

A LITTLE BREAK – TINY MUG – Revised on 7/13/2020

Page 2 – 3 _ To make the block _ Diagram corrected (STEP 2 – 5 for the heart)

Both the paper and digital patterns are updated.

MERRY LITTLE CHRISTMAS _ Revised on 8/11/2020

Page 5 and 8 _ Section 3 _ Diagram color corrected to yellow (parts A for star)

Also the lines of the diagrams were so light that it didn’t show well on paper version. I fixed the issue but I had to reduce the diagram numbers. Both the paper and digital patterns are updated.

PUMPKIN CAMPFIRE MUGS _ Revised on 10/25/2020

Page 9 _ Throw _ Table for the block placements corrected (STEP 1)

 The words “ROW” and “COLUMN” in the table have to be switched. The digital pattern is updated. There is no change for the paper patterns since I found this mistake before sending the info to the printing office.