Hello, everyone!

My first blog update in 2020!

One of the goals that I have for this year is that I would love to publish newsletters. So that’s I have been working on lately. And It’s ready for you to subscribe! Yay! I’m hoping to share more about latest info, tips of some of my patterns and free patterns through newsletters.

I prepared some good stuff for my subscribers! You will get 25% off coupon code to all my digital patterns through 3/31/2020. The coupon code is valid until 3/31/2020. (US EST)

And also you will get the free pattern! Meet BOTANICAL GARDEN quilt!!!

It’s 56″x 56″ finished. The pattern includes material requirements, step by step instructions with diagrams, and coloring page.

I used kona cotton solid by Robertkaufman for the top and Essex Yarn Dyed Classic Natural Woven (edited: Sorry! NOT linen) for the backing. Actually it’s not easy to find a perfect backing for me. Because I chose that colors and fabrics that I love first, then decided what to use for the back after. This time was a bit tough to find one so I picked neutral color + texture . This one worked great and I love it!!!

Can you believe that you only need a half day to make the quilt top!? If you are quick sewer, then probably you need just a couple of hours!

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Hello friends!

I’m pleased to announce that my first pattern in 2020 is finally ready! I wanted to have Christmas quilt pattern for a while. So I’m pretty exited!!

Okay, here is “MERRY LITTLE CHRISTMAS” quilt!

012_cover photo

It’s a big pixel ornament design. It has only one size which is 57″x 72″ finished. It’s large throw size.

So I divided it to the sections and it makes easier to piece and assemble the quilt top. I put a lot of colored diagrams in the instructions that help your process.



I used kona solids for this version. I love how it looks simple and clean.

I did straight quilting on the long arm machine. I rented APQS Millie at the local quilt shop Quilted Ewe. I’m not a long arm quilter but I sometimes rent the machine for fun. Millie has channel rocks that keeps the machine go straight so that it was pretty easy for me to do! And I love the result!



I added simple traditional blocks to it. So it’s not just piecing squares. I think it made this pattern more interesting to make!



Since the quilt top looks simple, I used this cute Christmas fabric to the backing. It’s “The north pole” by Stacy Iest Hsu, moda farics.



This pattern also includes the scrappy version. I made it using my scraps and the fabrics that I didn’t know what to do with. It turned out really fun quilt!



It will be a perfect quilt for Christmas!

So the title of this pattern is MERRY LITTLE CHRISTMAS. I wanted to have something from old time, musics, and movies. I had a different idea first but I couldn’t go for it. Then my husband said, ” How about MERRY LITTLE CHRISTMAS?” Immediately I thought “THAT’S IT!” I will remember the moment every Christmas.



Remembering the moment makes me want to have Christmas now! lol But we have to wait for a while. BUT we can start making the Christmas quilt now, right?

Please go and grab the pattern on my Esty shop! MERRY LITTLE CHRISTMAS pattern is 20% off until Sunday, February 2nd. (US EST) No coupon code needed.

>>> Digital pattern

>>> Paper pattern

Hope you enjoy making MERRY LITTLE CHRISTMAS pattern!

Happy quilting!



I can’t believe how time fries! It’s already getting closer to end of October!

I released 2 patterns during the summer and I felt so burned out. So I took a break from making the patterns and the quilts in August. I was busy with kids anyway but I started getting some ideas for new patterns around early September. I spent more time to write the patterns and made some sample quilts. And here they are! I’m so excited to share the new quilts and patterns!

010_cover-photo.jpgThis is FARMHOUSE MASON JARS pattern. It’s small throw size.

I got an inspiration from the farmhouse style mason jars. There are so many cute jars with the burlap, strings and even painted. I thought it would be a fun project to make the mason jars with the fabrics!



I quilted with 3/4″ apart straight lines. It came out nicely.




This pattern comes with 3 sizes. Small throw, Large throw and Table runner. And different versions. The table runner in above picture is Two-tone heart version of table runner. I made it with Christmas theme fabrics.




Also this pattern includes the cutting table for the bonus mini block! It measure 4″x 6″ finished.


Here are the images of the versions you can make.

(From left) Throw small size, Throw small_crappy version, Throw small_two-tone heart version and Throw large size.

Also this pattern includes the cutting table for the scrap quilt! You will find the quantity of the parts you need to make for each size of quilt.



Another pattern is called HOME which is the table runner pattern.


This pattern looks very simple but has a lot of small parts. But the cutting table will be very helpful to organize the parts.



This is my 2nd version of HOME quilt. The fabrics are from my stash. It was quite quick to make this one. I cut the parts, started piecing, and made the top at night. I quilted and bonded next morning. It is fun and quick project! And it could be a great for your home and also gift!



Also this pattern includes the bonus mini block too!




I decided to do something new and fun this time! I made a pattern bundle! You can purchase two patterns $1.95 less than the retail price!



Hope you enjoy making these cute mason jars quilts!!!


To get my PDF patterns, please click the links below:






The releasing day of POMPOM GALAXY quilt pattern!

I’m so excited to share this pattern finally!



I chose these pretty 16 colors of Kona cotton from Robert Kaufman for this project. These blocks are made by simple half circles with a thin strip between. And added the stars on each corner as secondary pattern.




This is another version using the thin strips from my scraps. This one is really fun to make! The skinny strips that you don’t know what to do with turned into these pretty blocks! This is very original piece that you can make! This pattern includes a tip for making the scrappy version.




Love how they looked totally different, even though these are made from same pattern! These are MINI version which is 8-1/2″ finished block. You can make wall hanging and baby size using MINI block from my pattern.

By the way, I used Aurifil 40wt thread for straight quilting. It gave nice texture to the quilts and I love using it for machine quilting now!



Also I made the larger size of block which is called JUMBO version. It’s 11-1/2″ finished block.  You can make Baby, Crib and Throw size using JUMBO block from the pattern.




I love this rustic color version a lot! All the fabrics are from my stash and scraps except the background.




You can find this pattern in my Etsy shop now! Use coupon code POMPOM20 to get 20% off on everything. This sale ends 7/31/2019. (US EST)

Click here to purchase! —>>>  Satomi Quilts Etsy shop

Hope you enjoy making this pattern! And please share your creations on Instagram using #pompomgalaxyquilt and #satomiquilts so that I can see yours!!!

Happy quilting!


PLAY HOUSE pattern

Happy 4th of July!

And today is my 8th pattern PLAY HOUSE releasing day! So exciting!



I used traditional log cabin blocks with thin strips which gives a bit of modern, simple and clean look to it. This original version has scrappy look. (above picture) Actually I used the color squares from my scrap. I believe that you can use some of your scraps to make the blocks.



This pattern has six sizes and includes TIDY version only using three fabrics of your choice. You can make crib, throw small, throw large, twin, queen and king from this pattern.



The sewing process goes quite quickly and fun! It’s simple blocks to make but I marked the skill level as advanced beginner since you have to cut and piece the thin stripes accurately, also the volume of this pattern. Some fabrics might stretch more than others. Personally I don’t use but spray starch might help make the fabrics stiff and less stretchy.




I’ve been making the quilt patterns since June 2018. It’s just over a year. It sounds crazy that I’ve made 8 patterns!

I want to celebrate new pattern release, one year anniversary as a pattern designer and 4th of July!!!




Please go and check my Etsy shop and use code PLAYHOUSE25 to get 25% off  for everything!!! This coupon code is valid until July 8th! (US EST) Thank you so much for your support!


IKEA like pillowcase top tutorial


Thank you for stopping by!

I would like to make a quick post to show you my finished pillowcase and share how to make the top.


This IKEA like pillowcase looks very nice on IKEA chair! lol  This pillowcase is very easy to make and quick project for every skill level of sewers.


You need (4)10″x 22″ fabrics for the top.

From each color, cut (2)3.5″x 22″ strips and (1)2.5″x 22″ strip.


From each color,

Cross cut into (6)3.5″x 3.5″ squares from one 3.5″ width of strip and (3)3.5″x 3.5″ squares from the other strip.

Cross cut into (8)2.5″x 2.5″ squares from 2.5″ width of strip and (1) 2.5″x 2.5″ square from remaining 3.5″ width of strip.

You have (9)3.5″x 3.5″ squares and (9) 2.5″x 2.5″ squares from each color of fabric.

If you want to use your scraps, you need,

(36)3.5″x 3.5″ squares and (36) 2.5″x 2.5″ squares in total. 


So what I did was, took each color of (9)2.5″ squares and divided to three of (3)2.5″ squares. And make sure that these divided 2.5″ squares are not the same color of 3.5″ squares when you make four sets of (9)3.5″x 3.5″ squares and (9) 2.5″x 2.5″ squares. Refer to the above photo.

Draw a diagonal line on back of the 2.5″ square. Layer the square onto the corner of 3.5″ square. The right sides together, sew on the line. Trim the seam allowance to 1/4″, open the seam and press. Repeat the steps.

Gather four units. I took one from each set. Sew the units together. Open the seam and press.


Unfinished block size is 6.5″x 6.5″.  Make 9 blocks.


Each row has 3 blocks and each column has 3 blocks.  Piece them together. Open the seam and press.

This pillowcase top unfinished size is 18.5″x 18.5″.

Finish up the pillowcase using your preferred method.


I machine quilted 1/4″ away from the pieced line. I used Aurifil 50wt #2783 for quilting and it worked perfectly!

I did easy envelope backing to finish up this pillowcase with no binding. I was a little worried about no binding but it looks nice and I love it!


It’s perfect here!

I enjoyed this quick project and want to make another one!!!

Please share your creations using #ikealikepillowcase and #satomiquiltspattern on Instagram!

Thank you for reading and hope you enjoy making too!

Happy Spring!


Spring is coming yet?

I’m so anxious to have warm weather and bright sun light after long winter!

And my wish became a spring quilt pattern! I’m please to share my new pattern called LUCKY CLOVER! This is my 7th pattern and I’m so excited!


I made this design using traditional Irish chain blocks and clover blocks. What unique about this design is that I used different size of squares to make Irish chain blocks. And I added big clovers in between the Irish chain blocks.





This pattern is fat quarter friendly and comes with three sizes. Finished quilt size is as below.

Crib 44”x 44”
Throw (Small) 56”x 68”
Throw (Large) 68”x 80”

Unfinished block size: 12 ½”x 12 ½”




I spent more time for machine quilting. I did free motion on my brother sewing machine. I love this texture!





I wanted to take some pretty pictures of this quilt with flowers but nothing yet in Connecticut. So I took it to the local railroad and did some photo shooting. It brought a little spring here!




Also I made crib size using Cotton and steel basic fabrics. These colors are so pretty! I love the fun look of this LUCKY CLOVER !





It might be unusual to have a leaf quilt in spring but this is such a fun and quick spring project!

Also using deep shade of greens and orange color make a perfect shamrock quilt for St. Patrick’s Day! Well… for next year but starting the project right now is not too early! I have to make one for us too…even though we are not Irish! lol

Hope you enjoy as much as I do!!!

LUCKY CLOVER PDF PATTERN is available on my Etsy shop. Please click HERE to purchase!


Today is the release day of A LITTLE BREAK -TINY MUG- pattern!



I’m pretty excited about this mini version! I’ve been thinking that this mug block is too cute that we can’t just use for making large quilts. The smaller blocks give you more opportunities to make different items.




I’m not the maker who can make all kids of handmade items. But I made these coasters and a potholder from 6″x 6″ blocks. Also mini placemats from 8″x 8″ blocks.



I used Amy Sinibaldi’s pretty little potholder tutorial. It’s a great tutorials that I could make!!! I was excited about the finished!




These coasters are very simple. I just made the blocks, quilted, trim the corners, made bias binding and bind. 6″x 6″ coasters might be big for you but I like this size because I use the big Starbucks mugs all the time.



I love these mini placemats! I used 8″x 8″ blocks and added the 2.5″x 8.5″ rectangle to the right side of the block. For the pink placemat, I randomly pieced the scraps trimmed to 2.5″x 8.5″ rectangle. The finished size is 8″x 10″ and you need one 2.5″x With of Fabric strip for the binding.




It’s such a fun to make and hope you enjoy these tiny mug blocks!!!


Please click here to purchase my pattern!

Etsy shop—> A LITTLE BREAK-TINY MUG- pattern




Tonight is Super Bowl! All american football fans must be so thrilled! To be honest, I’m not football person but I enjoy Super Bowl every year! Especially half time show!!! We got the food and kids are taking a nap so that they can stay up late a little! We are so ready for tonight!


I’ve been working on a fun and cute pattern and I’m very excited to share it today!





How cute is that?! I got an inspiration from many artists who make posters and paintings of VW bus. They are so cute! So I couldn’t resist! I made this design using my ON THE ROAD pattern. It was so fun to make this mini quilt!



By the way, I realized that I’ve never posted about this pattern… well this is ON THE ROAD pattern which I released December 2018!





This I LOVE version (I call it!) is an additional pattern to ON THE ROAD pattern. So it’s free pattern for people who already purchased. But if not, the pattern is available in my Etsy shop, so please go and grab it!!!


This is my first attempt to make the kind of free pattern. I think this quilt block is so cute and fun that we can’t just make one time. I’m hoping to share more unique patterns with this block in the future!!!


One heart block version


The pattern has two heart block options. You can choose your favorite!


One heart block version2


Example of using two colors.


I hope you enjoy this fun and cute pattern! And please don’t forget to use #satomiquiltspattern and #ontheroadquiltpattern if you share your creation on Instagram!!!


Okay, here is the pattern! Just click to download!



Happy quilting!